General Awareness Questions

Q.  One major cause of floods is__________?

a. light rain over a large area
b. a decrease in stream discharge
c. rapid spring snowmelt
d. increased capacity of stream channels

ANSWER: See Answer
There are lots of reasons behind the flood in any area but the main reason is a heavy downpour or rapid snowmelt can flood canyons with a mixture of soil, rock, and water is a major cause of floods.
When the springtimes come, sometimes there's a lot of warmth that suddenly comes, especially nowadays when there are things such as global warming. So the snow melts and large amounts of water can flood the fields that are often found at the foot of a mountain or similar things.
But they may also be caused by deforestation, drainage channel modification from a landslide, earthquake, or volcanic eruption. Examples include outbursts floods and lahars.



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