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Q.  TATA Projects has recently launched which initiative to promote green cover in India?

a. Green World
b. Green India
c. Green Earth
d. Green Thumb

ANSWER: See Answer
The TATA Projects has launched a unique “Green Thumb” initiative in India to promote green cover and to protect the environment on 2017 World Environment Day (WED). The Green Thumb 2017 is in continuation to the 2016 TATA Projects’ program wherein it aimed to get 10,000 people to click (pledge) to plant a sapling on their behalf – the response received was a tremendous 23,000. Encouraged by the response, TATA Projects planted a total of over 42,000 saplings across the country in over 100 locations in the last year (2016-17). This year, under the Green Thumb initiative, the company will plants trees, citizens who wish to do their bit to save the environment can express their support for the cause. They can do so by clicking on the banner to plant a sapling on the Green Thumb.


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