General Awareness Questions

Q.  The greenhouse effect is caused by

a. Deforestation
b. Burning of Fossil Fuels
c. Increase in Population
d. All of the above

ANSWER: See Answer
The major greenhouse gases (GHG’s) solely responsible for the greenhouse effect are Carbon dioxide, Ozone, Methane, and Water vapor. Although these gases comprise 1% of our atmosphere, they act like a thick warm blanket outside that surrounds this planet and regulate climate control. The greenhouse effect is not bad. In fact, it is needed for all of us to survive on planet Earth. In short, the greenhouse effect is nothing but a naturally occurring process designed by nature that aids in heating the earth’s surface and helps to maintain ecological balance.
Now, while some of that heat dissipates into space, some of it burns along the atmosphere, and some of it penetrates the atmosphere and finds its way into the lower atmosphere and the planet’s surface. This in turn raises the average temperature of the Earth. Therefore, the increase in the Earth’s surface temperature due to an increase in the number of greenhouse gases leads to global warming.
Causes of Green House Effects..
* Burning of Fossil Fuels
* Deforestation
* Increase in Population
* Farming
* Industrial Waste and Landfills.


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