General Awareness Questions

Q.  The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting on 27 March 2017 launched an online film certification system that is expected to make the CBFC paperless and transparent. What is the name given to this ambitious system?

a. E-Certify
b. E-Cinepramaan
c. E-Cinema
d. E-Cineboard

ANSWER: See Answer
‘E-Cinepramaan’ is the name of the online film certification system (OFCS) that was launched by Union Information & Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu on 27 March 2017.

– This online system is being seen as a big step towards making the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) paperless and transparent, enabling effective monitoring and real-time progress tracking for applicants.

– E-Cinepramaan will enable producers to track the status of their application online and would inform them through SMSes and e-mails about any required action. The system also has inbuilt alerts to ensure that time-limits are adhered to.


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