General Awareness Questions

Q.  Which one of the following methods is not suitable for urban rainwater harvesting?

a. Rooftop recharge pit
b. Recharge wells
c. Gully plug
d. Recharge trench

ANSWER: See Answer
In urban areas, rainwater available from rooftops of buildings, paved and unpaved areas goes to waste. This water can be recharged to the aquifer and can be utilized gainfully at the time of need. In areas where the surface soil is impervious and large quantities of roof water or surface runoff is available within a very short period of heavy rainfall, use of trench/ pits is made to store the water in a filter media and subsequently recharge to groundwater through specially constructed recharge wells.

Gully plugs are built using local stones, clay, and bushes across small gullies and streams running down the hill slopes carrying drainage to tiny catchments during rainy season.It is applicable only in rural areas.


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