General Awareness Questions

Q.  Which one of the following statements with regard to the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution of India is not correct?

a. t was inserted by the Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951.
b. The Acts and Regulations specified in the Ninth Schedule shall become void on the ground that it violates a fundamental right in Part III of the Const
c. The Supreme Court has the power of judicial review of an Act included in the Ninth Schedule on the doctrine of basic structure.
d. The appropriate Legislature can repeal or amend an Act specified in the Ninth Schedule

ANSWER: See Answer
Ninth Schedule says that the article mentioned in this are immune from judicial review. It is for the larger good of the society, the government cannot be challenged in the court for his actions. Ninth Schedule was added to the Constitution by First Constitutional Amendment, 1951.In a landmark ruling on 11th January 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that all laws (including those in the Ninth Schedule) would be open to judicial review, if they violated the basic structure of the Constitution.


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