best hosting services 2021?


 27. "AWS was its own "brute force' to crush 100 million sign-ups" - Nodiraj Singh


28. "You should use AWS when: You know what you need, want, and know-how to price. And you have 10 minutes to do it." - Steffen Rojek


29. "AWS was not a bad move at all!" - Agnebak


30. "AWS is one of the top cloud service providers, I work with many AWS clients and get all the project via AWS" - Aryas Komar


31. "AWS was expensive, but it's a solid company. I don't regret buying my customer and paying for it up till now." - Simon Lequay


32. "I regret buying my customer a dedicated server with Amazon for 1 year - because this was too expensive. You will pay 3x more than other providers when buying AWS, such as IBM Bluegrass - even with volume discounts." - PwB.


33. "One thing that troubles me is that they still have to share resources with eBay. I don't feel comfortable with this. I guess there will be a lot of services being launched in the next couple of years which will compete with AWS." - Jeff Bush


34. "You cannot buy the user if you don't have the server." - Nigel


35. "They are really bad at comparison shopping. So if you are a paying customer I would avoid this service." - Simon


36. "You will spend more to buy a server with AWS than with a comparable product. - MikeMeyer


37. "If you are not a software company it won't be easy to choose Amazon in comparison to other vendors, Amazon has to earn the cash to compete with the other vendors.” - Warren Bellamy


38. "I think is a great hosting company and does more than what the competitors do. But there are some things that I didn't like or didn't understand that was made obvious only after I made the decision to buy and those are the negatives." - Matin


39. "There is still a negative perception about Amazon." - Fabio-H.


40. "You should never buy with a big stack of money, except if you're Jeff Bezos. If you do that, then it's almost like a business, except it's personal." - Ben.


41. "I regret buying my first customer with AWS. I should have looked into this more and waited and used the Amazon Marketplace before buying. After spending a year working with them, I've come to believe that I have done some awful things to my users that have affected their environment and their business and that I will never get back. So I regret buying the business. - Arnie


42. "My customers and I are learning how much AWS services cost. Not happy!" - Martin


43. "Amazon and EBS are good but the website is terrible. Now I have to do everything twice." - Lunt


44. "You can buy expensive hardware with similar functionality on Compuware and it will support Exchange perfectly. Also, most companies that buy from EBS look at the memory and storage because you don't need large physical servers for just those services." - Peter


45. "If you want fast 99.99 cent delivery I would take an alternative." - Alycidon


46. "Even though Amazon has a lot of different offerings, you can't buy the whole lot of them from Amazon and will be dependent on Amazon for services. You will need to maintain two separate accounts, and one for each instance." - Janell


47. "The money spent was money wasted and the service was poor." - Garek Maag


48. "There is a chance of more time spent on administration than actually providing the services. - Piotr


49. "The customer support was bad, I bought some of the add-ons on Amazon, the link did not work on the site and I had to submit a ticket with the Amazon Marketplace service. There was no immediate reply and I had to follow up on the issue to get an answer. The answers was not informative and I found it very frustrating to deal with such a large company that is taking advantage of the customer." - Paolo



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