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Twitter Marketing Campaign Ideas

Social Marketing Campaign Management Strategies

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tweet ideas to go viral: hide their online presence from customers. The other way to do this is to manage your social marketing campaigns with Twitter. Below, we aim to describe the strategies of Twitter Tweet ideas, to analyze the success rate of social marketing campaigns, along with online or offline campaign management strategies. To better appreciate the results of social marketing campaigns, we need to understand:

What does your online audience want?

How can you deliver it?

What expectations do you want to meet from your marketing campaign?

Do you want to receive a clear evaluation of success rates on different components of your marketing campaign including the success rate of tweets and the rate of clicks and likes.

I’ve tried to define both objective and methods of Twitter marketing campaigns in order to understand what success rate is.

Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with 1.55 billion daily active users. The publishing of posts on Facebook accounts for 0.5% of all unique content sent across the web, with other things creating content being created with the help of content management system. The second largest social network is Google+, with 550 million daily active users, but it is still considerably small compared to Facebook with around 1.25 billion users.

If you think about ranking your social media presence, it is the most popular sites in the world, but it can also be a source of friction for connecting to others. Facebook hasn’t been very effective at linking its offline presence with the online presence. The company has been unable to a connect the offline and online worlds together and gives a linear and never ending connection between the two experiences.

I’ve tried to find out what social media influencers are doing?

Which publications are used by them?

What channel (Shopping or E-commerce) is best when reaching the most of the number of people you want to reach?

Twitter Advertising Campaigns

Twitter’s Advertising campaigns are highly popular due to the popularity of the company’s products. Twitter is one of the many online services that allows businesses to connect online and offline campaigns together. Twitter allows businesses to reach out to their potential customers by sending their messages directly to the targeted audience. By using Twitter Ads you can connect to the people you want to reach by purchasing an ad and driving people to your store and website.

Ad Campaign

Twitter Advertising Campaigns usually have a 3 to 6 month life cycle, with a number of phases:

Launch - Launch - Launch

Basic Success - Release Phase

Pre-launch and Launch phases

Launch phase

Launch phase is less expensive than the basic success phase. The lowest price to the end is $0.00 but you get your first 1000 fans in the first day

Basic success phase

If the launch is successful, your new account will have access to a general mailing list. After 250 followers is to increase your follower’s rate to 10%

Release Phase

After a second launch, you will be able to send out polls in a main page and by clicking on those polls, you will open a new page where you will be able to add information and stories in an interactive and more fun way

Pre launch and Launch phase

If the pre launch and launch phase are successful and a couple of accounts join Twitter at that time, you will have a free account for the rest of the launch campaign

During the Pre launch and release phase a product launch will be launched on Twitter and a company will have a specific brand strategy

Pre launch and launch phase

If the launch is successful, you will have more followers than you had before. The brand will also be much more visible in the tweets

release phase

If you are in the pre launch and release phase Twitter can advertise your product. There may be more followers than before your campaign started.

Overall sales will go up if the campaign starts properly. But without any help of twitter, you cannot promote yourself properly.

There are lots of ways to measure the success of social marketing campaigns. Twitter helps to track the whole campaign, including campaign engagement, interaction, and drop off rates. Twitter does help to keep a track of all campaign impact. For instance, if your campaign is in the pre launch phase, you can give details about your account metrics and you will be able to follow your Twitter account for a few days, during the social marketing campaign and later follow results with an outside company.

The best way to reach your potential customers is through the medium they are using, it is not wrong to identify a wide range of social media channels to ensure reach of your followers



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