What is Content Marketing?


What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies around. The opportunity to capture the attention of your audience is readily available, all you need to do is build a set of valuable content and then share it with the world.


In terms of content creation, there are three pillars to follow:


Build your audience. What kinds of content will engage them and make them want to share it with their social media networks?


Create marketing messages that are simple and relatable.


Ask yourself who will benefit from the content that you're creating and what the content is for.


Content Marketing Examples


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Content Marketing Statistics


More than 1/3rd of the content published online is owned by businesses.


85% of internet users want marketers to generate more content for them.


50% of businesses produce more than one article per week.


80% of content marketers are self-employed.


55% of internet users trust someone that is famous.


90% of internet users trust businesses.


46% of internet users trust a well-formatted website.


53% of internet users read multiple business blogs.


49% of internet users read multiple reviews for businesses.


45% of internet users read multiple blogs.


55% of internet users read a handful of blogs every week.


59% of internet users trust someone who likes their own photos.


33% of internet users trust a personal recommendation.


27% of internet users trust their friends.


3% of internet users trust an advertisement.


The Content Marketing Field Guide


Despite being a popular strategy, content marketing still isn't a sophisticated concept for many businesses.


As the world is evolving, the customer's needs are evolving, too. Marketing tactics that were successful ten years ago may not be effective today, making it crucial to stay up to date with emerging marketing strategies and keep your customer's needs top of mind.


Even if your business has no intention of creating compelling content, it can be smart to consider publishing informative articles. Customers want to know what businesses have to offer. If you want to produce original content, you need to take into account what your potential customers would find useful.


As you create content, make sure you develop your content in a way that consumers will want to share it with their social networks. As mentioned, this is another opportunity to generate more social media followers.


Expert Solutions:


In case you need further assistance with your content marketing strategy, check out these expert solutions:


LeadPages - Content marketing platform for businesses


If you're looking for a comprehensive content marketing platform, look no further than LeadPages. It features over 3,000 templates, nearly 100 million email templates, and 15 industry-leading apps, all in one simple platform. This platform is one of the most advanced options on the market for content marketers.


BigStockPhoto - New Photo Albums, Collections & Shutterfly All-In-One Photos


If you're an online photographer or an established business, check out BigStockPhoto. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of photo tools that includes album-building tools, photo collections, photo booths, and more. From there, you can export your photos to a number of online photo services, such as Shutterfly.


Content Marketing Tools:


Instead of paying for another company's product, you can develop your own content marketing tools with premium templates.


Free personalized keywords tool


Keywords.com allows you to write customized keywords and analyze their impact on your campaigns. This tool provides you with the potential for adding millions of new users to your social media accounts every month.


According to the experts at Keywords.com, a whopping 2.5% of internet users will use your keyword selection to search for your business.


Optimizely - Free tool for testing your content before publishing it.


Optimizely is a free tool that allows you to test the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and see what users respond to best. This tool includes dozens of features that allow you to create your own specific tests, conduct realistic queries, and track the results of your campaigns.


This tool is especially useful if you have a relatively new business. As your business grows, you'll need to adapt your content marketing strategy to continue gaining customers.


There are dozens of other free tools available for creating content. However, you need to make sure you're using the right tools for your specific business, so you can get the most value for your budget.


Original Content


The original content portion of your content marketing strategy isn't just limited to your blog.


Authenticity is key when marketing.


Most businesses will create a number of content pieces and post them on their own websites. While this is a great strategy, there's more to creating quality content than just creating a blog.


In a recent Forbes article, HubSpot states that 59% of consumers would trust an organization that has been praised for its authenticity. What's more is that 57% of consumers are willing to pay more if an organization communicates with authenticity.


Authenticity has a huge impact on creating an original content marketing strategy. In fact, 69% of businesses feel that they create too many one-line blog posts.


That's why creating original content is so important. It's an excellent way to get people to stop, look and listen. As long as you're communicating with authenticity, people will enjoy reading your content.


Become a Leader in Social Media


Online businesses are competing with large companies to grab their attention. By focusing on what's unique, online businesses can create content that consumers want to share.


It's clear that authenticity is important for business marketing. However, businesses need to also create content that's relevant to their audiences. By creating content that's part of a larger trend, you're less likely to get ignored.


While online businesses have a huge amount of opportunities to create new content, their most effective opportunities are often social media.


According to social media marketing company Relaunch.com, 92% of social media users shared content from a company that was authentic.


Also, 74% of social media users said they trusted a social media post from an online business that was authentic.


However, building a brand online isn't enough. You have to lead your audience.


Like any social media platform, social media is designed to allow businesses to communicate with customers. However, you have to lead your audience on social media.


To do this, you can build a social media campaign that encourages users to create content. This includes a set of social media goals that encourage users to share and comment on content. This social media campaign will help you lead your audience on social media.


Create a Content Marketing Plan


When it comes to creating content for your business, planning is essential.


You'll need to create content that's related to your business's brand. Additionally, you need to consider how long you'll create your content and what other goals you have for each piece.


You also need to plan how much of your content will be unique, versus something that's just copied.


In many cases, you'll want to create unique content. There are tons of online tools that allow you to create unique content from your business's brand.


You can find a few ways to market your business, while still ensuring your business will stand out. For example, you can create a video series about your business's benefits, leading people to pay attention to your business.


Lead with the story that your customers care about, rather than a brand message that's overly marketing-focused. You can also create content that's easier for your potential customers to understand, leading them to read more of your



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