What is Email Marketing?


Email Marketing

E-mail marketing does a lot of things for your business – alerting your current customers, communicating with current customers, marketing to your current customers, tracking sales – but it also protects your reputation, builds trust, and builds your email marketing email database. When you track it, you can see where your audience wants to engage, and you can engage it. Your marketing metrics look much more impressive, too. Just like email marketing, email marketing metrics add value for your business.


Some businesses haven’t got email marketing covered yet, and they may be frustrated that the many ways to go about doing it in other programs can result in not having the best information about what works best. No matter what email marketing program you use, you can add email marketing to your marketing mix.


LinkedIn Marketing & Reputation Management


LinkedIn has a huge amount of information on almost everyone in the world. If you’re already a customer of LinkedIn, all you have to do is create an account and you can start collecting email addresses from your contacts. Once you’ve got them, you can do all sorts of things with that data.


The LinkedIn platform is designed for businesses that do marketing and for people who want to create profiles. It’s used in most marketing departments – small, large, and small. It gives you the opportunity to use all the power of LinkedIn and marketing your own company. The same LinkedIn profile can also be used for posting to your company’s page – that’s LinkedIn marketing.


Every month, you have all the email marketing tools you need for your business to continue growing, which is something your competitors don’t have. Plus, LinkedIn profiles can help you boost your reputation and increase the number of contacts you have.


That’s a win-win situation all the way around.


E-Marketing Platforms & Social Media


The world of social media is very fast-moving, and new social media networks are popping up all the time. When social media is used correctly, it can build your brand, build your customer relationships, build your email list, and protect your brand.


With every new social network that comes out, there’s a little pause before people use it and create their accounts. When you create an account on Facebook or Twitter, you’re making a commitment to growing your business’s social media presence. You’re making an email marketing commitment to people that want to get on your email list. You’re doing it for marketing reasons, and you’re protecting your brand and reputation.


There’s a social media platform for nearly every niche, so you can build an email list and grow your business there. Facebook gives you an opportunity to gain more social exposure, improve your email marketing, build more audience relationships, and help build your reputation.


Twitter is another social media platform that can build email marketing capabilities. Twitter does a lot of things, but it’s in an extremely competitive industry. With Twitter, you can easily attract your current customers and advertise to people you already know. You can ask for followers, and send out your own messages. You can build your email marketing list and make your current customers your brand’s ambassadors.


Many businesses are ignoring social media right now, but they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. No matter what social media platform you use, it’s time to build your brand.


LinkedIn Advertising & Reputation Management


LinkedIn has a huge opportunity for people who want to advertise their business, but many companies are still ignoring it. LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for social selling, and if you’re already trying to build your brand and customer relationship, you can make use of LinkedIn marketing and reputation management to build your advertising.


LinkedIn uses a high percentage of email marketing emails, which helps build your customer base. You can also build an email marketing



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